How To Successfully Market Your Start Up without Breaking The Bank

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

It dosen’t haver to be expensive

Marketing your new business, that’s going to cost big, right? Think you can’t afford to invest in promotional materials and omnichannel marketing? The good news is, you can market your start up without paying ridiculous amounts of money, here’s how:

Form A Marketing Strategy – Plan To Plan Ahead

Having a strategy in place before you start the heavy lifting of setting up your business will go a long way to cutting cost and generating leads. Formulate a plan that includes platforms for passive lead generation and combine this with high quality promotional material with calls to action your clients simply can’t ignore


The route to finding and defining your audience has multiple routes. The traditional route of networking events still holds a lot of sway in the digital age. Meetings, consultations and conferences may be the ideal place to find your audience if that audience is one of professionals and decision makers.

Marketing Tools

If you are relatively unknown, affordable marketing tools can help amplify your content across digital channels to raise awareness of your product. Tools like Hootsuite come with free trials and other companies even offer free tools for inbound marketing such as Hubspot.

Marketing Materials

If you have the budget, direct mail is still an effective tool for getting your message across. Just be prepared to be creative and think out of the box. A great way of getting your potential clients to open that envelope is to let them know what’s inside and make it original and exciting and of course, relevant to your client’s needs.

Brand Identity

A clear recognisable brand carries with it instant authority. Think of all those times you saw the logo of your favourite brand and how you felt. You can draw inspiration from your favourite brands but be careful not to crate logos that look too similar to those brands or you may face litigation and clients may confuse your brand with theirs. Simple eye catching imagery and fonts always work best with a suitable colour scheme.

B2P Marketing

You have heard of B2B and B2C marketing but have you heard of B2P marketing? A long form article titled ‘What is B2P Marketing?’ explains this marketing niche in the following broad terms:

Business-to-people marketing is conducted by any business willing and able to get feedback from individual customers, whether those customers are end consumers or other businesses with customers of their own.

In other words, B2P marketing works off of individual customer feedback rather than chunks of demographics and typical marketing segmentation. For a small business just getting off the ground, this could be a useful approach. This system is well suited to a Facebook business page where you can build trust and confidence over time through tailored customer service. Another avenue is Twitter where you can establish your brand as a ‘micro influencer’ with your own segment of nurtured buyers. By applying the following methods, it is possible to build a cost effective and customer centric marketing strategy that converts without draining resources and eating into your revenue.

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