Why Use Numerion Accountants

Looking for a new Accountant?

  • Are you fed up of your Accountant rarely contacting you?
  • Does your accountant think they are doing their job by just filing your jobs before the deadline?
  • Are they always sitting on the fence and rarely giving you a straight answer to a straight-forward question?
  • Do they only want to talk about what has gone on in the past?

Our two partners have held positions at the sharp end of business, so we know exactly the pressures you are under running your business. That’s why we set Numerion up as the accountancy firm we would want to work with if we were in industry again. We work best with UK subsidiaries of international companies and business owners who have under 25 staff and between £100k to £10 million turnover.

Our commitments to you include:

  • Helping you to plan and look forward in your business, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.
  • Always being prepared to give a straight answer to a straight-forward question.
  • Giving you pragmatic solutions to your business problems.
  • Getting your year-end accounts filed within 3 months of your financial year end.
  • Giving you direct access to the partners and a fixed monthly fee, so you can talk to us without the fear of the meter running and incurring an unexpected large bill at the end of the month.
  • Being a genuine sidekick and partner to your business, through the good and the bad times.
  • Ethically saving you tax.
  • Taking the day to day financial grind away, so freeing you up to live your life and get on with running your business.
  • Meeting your timescales and deadlines… every time.

We are different!

A number of our clients say we’re ‘quirky’, ‘not like other accountants’, ‘different’. We take all these things as massive compliments. If you want compliance service, we can of course do that for you (and we do it well – better than most, it has been said) but if you’re looking to grow a better business, then that’s where we can really help.

Legally, anyone can call themselves an ‘accountant’, not requiring any training, qualifications or experience. We are a fully qualified firm of chartered accountants, registered and regulated by Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and can be guaranteed of all three.

Changing accountant or appointing your first one, need not be daunting. The first step is to send us an email or pick up the phone to talk.

Make An Enquiry

To contact us, send an or telephone on 020 3948 4108 and we will be glad to answer all of your questions. Even better, why not book your FREE consultation today, it only takes a minute. In the local area? If you are out and about in the City, Central or East London, why not give us a quick call to confirm if we can arrange an immediate, free consultation. Don’t forget to register for our Newsletter, to receive the latest business related updates.