Self Employed Tips – The Benefits Of Working From Home

Self Employeed Tips

Self Employeed TipsWorking from home

As employment is getting harder to find, going freelance and ‘working from home’ is becoming more of a viable option.

The proliferation of freelancing sites has made the entry point to finding work much easier (some may argue that it dilutes the overall quality of work but that’s another topic) while facilitating for highly skilled workers to break away from the daily grind and make money online.

Most of us, although we don’t realise it have certain skills, skills we can easily develop and improve upon. Maybe you are a good writer, if so, there are opportunities to write and make money online. Businesses need written content for their website, you could write and self publish books on Amazon or ghost write content for people too busy to write their own book.

If you can learn code to a good level, you could try making an app and selling it on the Android, iOS and Amazon app stores. You could manage and maintain social media channels for businesses and individuals, monitor and respond to emails on their behalf (be mindful of the new GDPR regulations if you do), manage online calendars for busy entrepreneurs, book flights for them or chase invoices on their behalf.

There is an endless list of work you can do from the comfort of your home if you can find the clients.

The most difficult part of working from home is finding the work itself and we won’t pretend this part is easy but it’s certainly not impossible. You can start by offering services free for a limited time to friends and family to build a ‘body of work.’ If you want to find work as a content writer you can publish content on a free WordPress blog, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Medium is also a useful site to get noticed as a writer, it’s an online platform dedicated to different types of writing where anyone can sign up for a free account. You will find lots of content to inspire you on Medium, you can also a partner program where you can publish ‘unlockable’ content that users of the site pay to read.

Find your niche, find clients and you can look forward to a lucrative home run trade.

Not only that but you get to enjoy the many perks and benefits of working from home, such as…

Increased Productivity

When you work for yourself, you’re not tethered to working at set times or working a set block of hours in the day. That’s not to say you can simply do what you want. Clients will have requirements and you will need to meet those requirements but you can say no if you don’t feel the work is suited to you, something you can’t say to the boss!

If you have agreed upon work within a specified time window, there’s nothing to stop you from getting up at 5am and completing the work so you are free to spend time with your family, go shopping or enjoy a trip out. If you feel like doing a bit of cramming in the evening, that’s absolutely fine!

Within reason, you are now the master of your time, just don’t be late getting the work back to your client. If possible, be early!

Working from home means being free from the hustle and bustle of the office space. Without the noise, chatter and interruptions, you are free to focus on the task at hand. If the kids are at school, you have a solid 9-3pm block where you can work on client projects without the hustle and bustle of living with kids! Of course, this isn’t always possible so set up a private ‘home office’ where you can work without distraction no matter the time of the day.

You don’t always have to work from home, you can take your laptop to your favourite cafe (if they have Wi-Fi or you have your own mobile data) and work in a space that inspires you.

You will need to fend off the urge to procrastinate so keep all distractions away except for the absolutely necessary items such as phone for client calls. You can use apps like Cold Turkey to block your favourite websites for a few hours while you work.

Take regular breaks and top up on lots of water. Coffee is good too for giving you a burst of energy but too much caffeine can be harmful to health, you can’t go wrong with water!

Cost Efficiency For Clients

The business world is slowly coming round to the benefits of remote work. The fact that it saves on so many things like office space, transport costs and most importantly time is there for all who want to see. Working from home reduces the carbon footprint and with real time communication and collaboration tools like Skype and Slack, things can get done so much quicker.

While it’s true that a lot of bosses like to have their employees where they can be seen, the remote work revolution is not slowing down any time soon!

No Need To Commute

One of the hardest parts of a job is commuting. Especially if you work far from home and have to leave early to beat the traffic or worse still, you have to use public transport. No need for that any more! You can literally get out of bed and start working.

You can’t really get out of working when you’re ill but at the very least you won’t need to travel to work when you’re under the weather. Have your laptop ready by the bed with a big box of tissues and you can carry out your tasks in relative comfort.

Lower Stress Levels

Once again, being stress free is not guaranteed even when working remotely but you can hope for a significant reduction in stress levels. As you are free to decide your own work life balance, you can expect to full much calmer and more content than the average office worker!

Don’t let the stress of accounting bog you down though. When you are starting out, having a helping hand to guide you down ‘the path of least resistance’ is invaluable. We specialise in helping new, and current, businesses get the most out of their situation.

If you feel you’re not making the most of the growth opportunities in front of you, give us a call today. We’re here to ensure you succeed!

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