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Shared Finance Director’s Service

Entrepreneurial growing businesses understand the benefits of what an experienced wing-man brings to the business by providing expert financial input and help formulate financial strategies. The reality is that many smaller, growing businesses do not actually need a finance director on a full time basis, it is costly to hire and unlikely to have enough work to keep one fully occupied.

That is why we are proud to offer the services of shared finance director on flexible terms and in an affordable way, so that your business benefits from our experience and knowledge of working at the sharp end of the business, holding several board level positions.

We not only get to know your business circumstances and needs, but will provide you with unique business solutions at a fraction of the cost. You benefit from our experience of running our own business over many years and share a vast knowledge base from helping and developing businesses from all sectors of industry, whether to turn around a difficult situation or help your business to a better position.

Our shared Finance Director Services includes:

  • Monthly management accounts.
  • Financial planning, forecasting and profit analysis.
  • Cashflow improvement and corporate funding.
  • Improving banking relationship.
  • Business strategy and profit improvement.
  • Succession planning and exit strategy.
  • Operational issues and monitoring business performance.
  • Managing growth.
  • Taxation issues including personal and corporate tax planning, VAT and employment taxes.
  • IT system review, including current set up, management information systems and accounting systems.

As a business owner you find yourself wearing many different hats and juggling endless tasks which can become frustrating.

It does not have to be that way

Both the partners in the practice have worked at the sharp end of business, holding senior board level positions in owner-managed companies and truly understand the daily struggles that you are facing. That’s why we have developed over the years, the Shared Finance Director’s Service, to enable you to benefit from the many years of our experience

We understand that you have limited resources and may not be able to justify hiring a finance director, even on a part time basis. You try and keep your cost down by trying to undertake the finance function yourself and may be preventing your business from growing.

Helping you achieve your business and personal goals

We firmly believe that our Shared Finance Director’s Service should be more than able to cover the cost, by helping you grow your business and steer it to better profitability. We are passionate about helping businesses achieve their full potential and that’s why our solutions are tailor made to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to maximise profits, boost cashflow, prepare the business for its sale or get through difficult times financially, we have a solution that meets your needs.

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