Company: Tolnet City Solutions
Business : IT Consultancy

Making the right choice – An IT consultancy’s experience of working with Numerion Associates

Overview: When Bulent Bagci launched Tolnet City Solutions Ltd, a London-based IT consultancy. Today, as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, his business enjoys a well-earned reputation for delivering high quality software and hardware solutions, with a personal touch.

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North Star Underwriting
Company: North Star Underwriting
Business : Marine Insurance

Choosing a fantastic accountant – a Marine Insurance company’s experience of working with Numerion Associates

Overview: Back when, these specialists in marine insurance, found themselves in need of a new accountant. After interviewing a number of candidates, they chose Ibrahim Aziz, a partner in the London-based accountancy practice.

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Company: Lucidica Ltd
Business : IT Support

IT company boss describes what it’s like to be a Numerion client

Overview: When the London based Lucidica needed a new chartered accountant, Troy was keen to find someone of the highest calibre. Following a recommendation by a client, Troy interviewed Ibrahim Aziz, Managing Partner of Numerion Associates, and promptly gave him the job.

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Company: KLH UK Ltd
Business : Construction Industry

Karl Heinz Weiss describes what it’s like to work with City accountancy firm, Numerion Associates

Overview: Many accountancy firms will happily take charge of all your financial affairs and manage them on your behalf. It might seem an attractive proposition, albeit an expensive one. But it’s not just the cost you should be concerned about.

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